Bermun – Model United Nations Conference in Berlin

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15th of November

We attended this year’s Model United Nations Conference in Berlin, representing the country of Guatemala.

Most of you probably have never heard of BERMUN but let me tell you: it is one of the most stunning things you can experience during your school time.

This year’s topic was “Women’s Empowerment: A Key to Good Governance and Socio-Economic Prosperity”. As you might have recognized it seems to be quite a sophisticated topic, addressing e. g. human trafficking or gender equality, nonetheless it is also a very interesting and future-oriented one.

Around 700 students from all over the world were debating, drafting resolutions and taking a step further in the direction of the world of tomorrow, a world which hopefully provides equal opportunities for men and women.

However, as you can probably imagine there is a fun part too. You get to know people on an international level, experience the opinions of many different people and you hear about countries you have never ever heard of before. Let me give you a last reason to join MUN: There is something called the gossip box at the end of every conference – one of the most hilarious things ever, not to mention you should never be late, otherwise you end up dancing the chicken dance or getting some other punishment.

“Uganda” [You gonna] be kidding me, if this is not enough for you to join – so, “Kenya” [Can you] help me and become a part of our MUN-club – an awesome experience you will never forget!

By Julia Baumgarten, Q1

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